First Meeting of “One Small Change”

During the beginning of the meeting we had two of Karen’s Friday yoga girls show up, Ramon and Kathleen. While Dan was not present, we did Face Time him in so that he could meet them and talk about his recent experience of eating sugary sweets on an empty stomach while attending a child’s birthday party with an incredible spread of fancy inviting treats. We were able to share that we are all human and will back slide every once in a while and it is ok.

Later Merry and Katya joined us. When we asked why they interested in learning more about 21 day detox program, all agreed because they want to feel better. It seems like for two individuals their schedules get in the way of them eating a more balance nutrition diet. For Kathleen and Ramona, they have purchased the book and are definitely looking into the program further.

Jose, our guest speaker, did a fine job sharing why the program was important for him to follow. In his typical way of not speaking much he was able to convey his symptoms of depression and how he did not realize how the candida overgrowth was wrecking his well being.

Karen had everyone take the mini quiz to see which level of the program would be best for them to follow. After this, most of our time we sat around talking about the program and reviewing the 3 different levels along with the food guide and shopping list.

So our first meeting is done. The take away, if you can do one small change leaving sugar out of your daily consumption of calories, you can have a positive effect on your health.  Stay tune for more to come.

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