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Originally posted on One Small Change at a Time:
Last meal of the 21 day sugar detox had zero sugar calories. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it was a 1200 calorie meal, all by itself. We…

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Re Capping or Learning to Love the Link

Today I am going to mine the archives and provide you, dear reader with links to the books, documentaries, videos and articles that I have found over the last several months that inspired me to write to you. I know … Continue reading

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Taking Stock

I was setting by the pool yesterday with my com padre Jose, and we were enjoying the mild night and a really great cigar. We talked about how great we feel. He is 59 and I am 53, and we … Continue reading

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On Abundance

Abundance is a noun whose first definition is “an extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.” Abundance is a blessing, of course. Not being required to work very hard for sustenance is of course a blessing. Having your requirements met without even thinking about it must be … Continue reading

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Sweet as Honey

There isn’t much that is more satisfying to the sweet tooth than the natural goodness of honey. Perfected by nature over millions of years, somehow bees create the perfect table sweetener, seemingly just for our pleasure. Personally, I love the … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, unless you are talking about food. If your food doesn’t serve you, you shouldn’t eat it. There are a great deal of things these days that are available for you to eat or … Continue reading

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It’s Easier To Preach

It's easier to preach than it is to live, or so they say. I am entertaining family for the next few days, and I am getting to spread the good word about diet, sugar, ingredients and how to shop. They … Continue reading

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Plastic World

I was reading this week in Mother Jones online magazine that it has been discovered (not by our government) that there is a great deal of plastic residue in most foods we cook. You may or may not of heard … Continue reading

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Eat The Living

The best things to eat teem with life Cheeses that stink with the odor of decay Drinks that effervesce with gasses of digestion Leaves still firm and green with energy Fruits that beg us to carry their seeds within us … Continue reading

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Get With The Program

There is only one way to make a killing selling food, and it takes more than just harvesting it and delivering it fresh and whole to your dining room table. No, the only way you will ever make a fortune on … Continue reading

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