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Words…To Live By

If you let up your effort for a day, you will pay. There are just things you have to do every day for yourself, so that you are always doing the work you need to do to move forward. It … Continue reading

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On Abundance

Abundance is a noun whose first definition is “an extremely plentiful or over-sufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.” Abundance is a blessing, of course. Not being required to work very hard for sustenance is of course a blessing. Having your requirements met without even thinking about it must be … Continue reading

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Eat The Living

The best things to eat teem with life Cheeses that stink with the odor of decay Drinks that effervesce with gasses of digestion Leaves still firm and green with energy Fruits that beg us to carry their seeds within us … Continue reading

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Absolute Nutritionism

The idea that we now actually know what nutrients, minerals, sugars, fibers and proteins that are found naturally in our foods are the ‘important’ ones is a pretty exaggerated one. Food science has progressed remarkably, right along with the other biological … Continue reading

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And Now, For the News

Ok, just finished my longest blog post ever, and am reading one of my favorite online magazines and this is on the front page. Of course I have to comment! It seems that this California Dietetic Association annual conference was sponsored … Continue reading

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Less Teaching, More Testifying

My significant other tells me that she prefers posts that say how it is, how I feel, more than the posts which are designed to share things I have learned, things I have found online. Hmmm. Well, as I read … Continue reading

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