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Hitchhiker’s Guide

Every plant growing in the field is absolutely filthy with bacteria. A study of coleslaw spoilage in the 70s came up with this… Cabbage, it’s principal ingredient, had a total bacterial count of about 10,000/gram. Microbial growth in cabbage was … Continue reading

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Ying and Yang

If it’s good for me, it’s bad for you. If we both benefit then the good and bad are evenly divided. My needs swirl around your excesses. When they say that opposites attract, I think that ying and yang more … Continue reading

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100 Trillion Hitchhikers

It’s time to revisit one of the best and most informative articles that I have read since April 1, 2014. April 1 was the day we started in on our 21 Day Sugar Detox, and it was the day that … Continue reading

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Eat The Living

The best things to eat teem with life Cheeses that stink with the odor of decay Drinks that effervesce with gasses of digestion Leaves still firm and green with energy Fruits that beg us to carry their seeds within us … Continue reading

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