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Killing in the Name

Sometimes I have a great idea for an essay, today is a day like that. Fair warning, it will not be about food, nutrition or losing weight. It is a weighty issue though, and I hope you bear with me … Continue reading

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And Now For Something Different

Did you really think that a thing like Dallas would never happen? The police have been stopping people on the highway and stealing money they have in the car, making them beg the government for it back, dragging people out … Continue reading

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Ain’t Democracy Great?

Most of the time it doesn’t matter in the slightest what you or I, as individuals, think about an issue. Sometimes an issue comes along that proves that it doesn’t even matter if we all agree on an issue, it … Continue reading

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Back in the News

Sugar addiction gets another shoutout in this morning’s New York Times. Substance use disorders, defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, exist when at least two to three symptoms from a list of 11 are present. In … Continue reading

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Independence Day

On July 4 every year since 1776 this nation has taken time to celebrate Independence Day. On that day, thirteen colonies joined in common cause to sever it’s long-standing dependence on England, it’s government of Kings and violently protestant religions, … Continue reading

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