2nd day of a 21 day sugar detox!

Dan was the model for this amazing transformation. We measured his belly and weighed him. So Dan weighed in at 149 and measured 37.25 around his belly an inch above his navel. We have specific measures that we are tracking on this 21 day sugar detox, i.e sinus drainage, toenail fungus, weight, energy levels, and of course, hormonal homeostasis. Neither one of us is in our 20’s and we are experiencing all the normal mythical acceptance of being 50-something, i.e Low Libdo, Hot flashes, Candida ridden guts, abnormal sleep patterns, low metablolism.

I hope you enjoy our blog and just maybe it will inspire you to want to take this littleĀ challenge on yourself.

Information on the effects and science behind the sugar-detox from a university….is here.

photo 1



photo 3 photo 2

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3 Responses to 2nd day of a 21 day sugar detox!

  1. kscarmack says:

    Just to help you believe after our challenge Dan is standing his stance he is not pushing his belly out to add a glorified end result.


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