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Germs have gotten a bad name, because of the few that are bad actors. They have screwed it up for all the rest of them. We keep reading about good ones lately, though. This morning’s New York Times has a story about getting good germs back into the bowels of someone who has lost their own colony through medication or mismanagement.

Basically, they take the poop of someone whose bowels are healthy, they strain it, take the solids out of it, put a little bit of antifreeze in it, put it in a capsule and freeze it. You take the capsule by mouth. Don’t chew it.

“At first I was kind of grossed out,” said Deirdre, who asked that her last name be withheld because of privacy concerns. But about a week after taking the capsules, which “kind of felt like small ice cubes,” her digestive system began to normalize.

This, obviously, is not rocket science. Biology, however, is the study of natural and living organisms, and as a science it is way behind rocket science. It is far easier to study the farthest stars than it is to study the germs and other living things within your intestines. One of the problems with observation and analysis is that the act of observing changes the system that you are watching. A large proportion of the life inside of us cannot live outside of us. They cannot be harvested as of yet for observation outside of the body. It is very much like trying to catalog life at the very bottom of the deepest ocean. Bring the life to the surface and all you get to examine is what is left after decompression–a dead organism.

We don’t know what all of these germs in us like, but we are beginning to figure out what they do not like–chemicals of other than natural origin. Drink diet pop and promote a bacteria that CAUSES insulin resistance and type two diabetes. Eat trans-fats found in margarine and suffer diarrhea, cramps, bloating…basically all of the symptoms of a wild micro-party in your colon. Eat trans fats long enough and suffer heart disease. Stop eating them and instantly the good germs get the upper hand again, your heart disease is reversed. Can it be this easy?

Biologists are beginning to study soils and roots in this new light. They are looking at the microbiota in the soil as an idea of how our bowels work, in reverse. The microbes are on the outside of the roots doing the same job for plants as ours are on the inside of our ‘roots’. While not super easy to study, it is definitely easier to examine what is happening between soil and root than it is to study what is happening inside of the living human digestive system. If you are really interested, look here.

We have evolved, since the dawn of time, to live in cooperation with every other living thing in our environment. This environment includes viruses, bacteria, mammals, birds, plants and every other living and nonliving thing in our world. We have a place where we cooperate with and promote the things that are good for us, including things we can’t see. Some of these living creatures just need us to keep doing what we have always done–namely eat the same foods. Wild people are far healthier than us civilized ones because they don’t get ‘Western Diseases’ like hypertension, diabetes, alzheimer’s and heart disease. The theory used to be that it was due to their hard lives, but lately the idea is growing that it’s because we eat artificial foods. Even if you don’t believe in Darwin’s theory, perhaps you can imagine that God created a system where you have bacteria in you that he didn’t intend for you to kill by eating junk food.

Believe it--It's NOT butter

Believe it–It’s NOT butter

The law used to demand that foods that contained imitations of real ingredients be labeled as ‘imitation’. I can remember margarine being labeled as imitation butter. We should get back to that. We should get back to eating like our grandparents did and quit worrying about how much fat is in food, because eating fat doesn’t make you fat (unless it’s imitation fat, like Crisco). All of these fake foods are killing us and we aren’t doing anything about it, except for taking vitamins (a proven waste of money), taking probiotics and eating living yogurt that is also packed with added sugar and colored with nano particle metals, eating ‘low fat’ foods that are loaded with fake ingredients to make them flavorful, but makes them deadly.


Foods Used be labeled IMITATION

Wikipedia defines chronic poisoning like this:

Chronic poisoning is long-term repeated or continuous exposure to a poison where symptoms do not occur immediately or after each exposure. The patient gradually becomes ill, or becomes ill after a long latent period.

That sounds like what eating the Western Diet is doing to us. It is creating an environment inside of our bowels where it feeds bacteria that are producing toxins. Those toxins are causing our blood cholesterol to go up, causing plaques on our blood vessel walls, causing us to lose control of our blood sugars. Nobody is studying the ingredients in our foods with an eye to what they will do to us long-term. Something we are eating is making us allergic to real foods, making us allergic to food dyes. Something we are eating is poisoning us–but one thing we know is that whatever it is, its artificial.

Stop eating imitation foods. Do your own non-scientific study, be your own test subject. Gain all of the benefits of the lucky people in the fecal transplant study I referenced above, without the actual fecal transplant. Grow your micro biome by feeding it and caring for it the way that nature (or God) intended. Don’t try to eat like a westerner and make up the difference by taking a supplement or probiotic capsule. Just stop eating fake foods. It’s really Just That Easy!

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I am an instrument technician at the electric utility servicing the Kansas City Missouri metropolitan area. I am in the IBEW, Local 412. I was trained to be a nuclear power plant operator in the USN and served on submarines. I am a Democrat, even more so than those serving in Congress or the White House.
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