Omega-6 and Heart Disease

Omega 6 and 3 are essential oils that our bodies cannot make. We must get them from diet. Neither one is bad unless the ratio between the two is out of balance. Omega 6 occurs too much in Western diets because it shows up in foods made from corn, and from foods fed corn in their diets, instead of grass.

Oil-Change Diet

The correlation between omega-6 and heart disease is very obvious when you look at the Dr Lands graph of the relationship between heart disease rates in various countries vs the percent omega-6 in the tissues of people in those countries. The US leads the world in heart disease death rates with nearly 200 deaths per year per 100,000 population (age adjusted) and the percent omega-6 in our tissues with an average near 80% and with many having over 90% omega-6.

As I have said before, correlation does not prove cause–making that mistake is what got us to where we are. Correlation gives us a place to start looking for mechanisms. It is finding and understanding the mechanisms that proves cause. With heart disease, there are many different factors that contribute to heart disease, heart attacks and sudden heart death.

Clogged or hardened arteries are one of the major factors in heart…

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