Rotten Cabbage

My fermentation journey continues. We are building our fermentation knowledge up a little bit at a time. This week we are making kimchi, which is fermented korean cabbage salad. Just like when we made sauerkraut, this one is super easy to to.IMG_3808

Isn’t that a beautiful looking thing! I love how the red cabbage has colored the entire thing, so that the white cabbage, cauliflower and carrots are all crimson. One head each of red and white cabbage made three jars this size of kimchi.

This is how I made it, I shredded the cabbage up in half inch shreds, sprinkled three tablespoons of sea salt and massaged it in. I put it all in a two gallon zip top bag and waited for the moisture to begin coming out. Oh yeah, I threw the rest of a vegetable platter in there, too, some carrots and cauliflower.

I put four ounces of chopped ginger, two tablespoons of fish sauce, and salt water in the blender and made a paste. I put the paste in the zip top bag.

I loaded the lot into two two quart mason jars, but it didn’t fill them up enough for my liking, so I transferred it into the fido jars pictured above. I love the swing top jars. The necks are bigger diameter than a wide mouth mason jar so it is easier to pack the cabbage into the jar tight enough to get the liquid level above the cabbage level. I didn’t need a wooden dowel or other implement to pack it, just my fist. The Fido jar is always nice and air tight, too.

This batch fermented for about five days before we ate the first quart, which was last night, while eating some grilled beef steaks. The nice thing about fermented vegetables is that whatever carbohydrates are in them are consumed by the bacteria during fermentation. This is a way that I can get all of the benefits of eating plants with none of the drawbacks. This is a way that I can satisfy my desire for bulk in my food without compromising my hatred for carbohydrates. A bonus to eating raw kimchi is that all of the probiotics, and there are trillions, that are alive in the food are put directly into me as reinforcements for my own biologic army. Eating this ‘pre-digested’ food gives me the products of cabbage fermentation, which includes vitamin C. There is nothing in it to feed my own carb-loving bacteria so I don’t get gas, and they don’t get fed.

So, I have made some of the fido jars pictured here, and I am going to be selling them. The jar will include the grommet in the lid and the airlock, plus an optional glass or ceramic stone to weight down the foods (to keep them under water). I have also made a pamphlet to explain how and why we ferment foods, that I will include. Shipping is included in the basic price of 25 dollars. If you want a few of these (I have four in rotation), then you can pay for one through paypal, my account is at and I will ship yours to you. Select either the one with the weight, three piece or S-airlock. Get to fermenting!!


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