Long Week?

So, it has been a week now since I have written. I run across articles in my various places where I find food and nutrition news. People are still excited about the debate regarding foods–the good, the bad…

I am losing my excitement about writing about food. I love that I am on the right side of history on this issue. Fats (natural fats from real animals raised on food that they choose to eat) are not harmful, are healthful even. Sugar, especially fructose is very bad to eat at each meal. In small doses it is no more harmful than a cigarette. Nature intended us to get sugar only on special occasions.

I especially like teaching on the subject now. I think it is time that I started to get a formal education on this so that I could have some letters after my name. Then I could wear a white lab coat and people could call me doctors and I could dispense wisdom with authority. Right now, I am little more than your crazy uncle with a wild world view. I am right though.

I will not tell you when I will get my credentials and lab coat. I don’t know. I will tell you that I intend to keep finding news about fats, sugars, processed foods, supplements and I will pass it on with my trademark commentary. We won’t be standing idly by while the New York Times or Washington Post or Mother Jones magazine passes off ‘conventional wisdom’ as proven scientific fact. I will rise to the keyboard on those occasions. In the meantime I will recreate this blog to be pages on topics instead of blog posts.

Blog posts make information hard to find.  I want my opinions to be easy for you to get to, dear reader, not jumbled in amongst a half dozen other topics, where you have to wade thru fifty articles to get to the one you remembered to a friend….

That is my plan. I will be here, and I will be back, better than ever.

About dcarmack

I am an instrument technician at the electric utility servicing the Kansas City Missouri metropolitan area. I am in the IBEW, Local 412. I was trained to be a nuclear power plant operator in the USN and served on submarines. I am a Democrat, even more so than those serving in Congress or the White House.
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2 Responses to Long Week?

  1. Karen Carmack says:

    I can wait to be next to you in your WHITE LAB coat… makes alll of me very very HAPPY!


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