Toddler Cavities…

…. cavities in baby teeth have become more common over the past 20 years. Today, a whopping 60 percent of 5-year-olds have had at least one cavity; many have had five or even 10.

I am reading today in Slate Magazine that there is a growing problem of children that are suffering from poor dental health and the kids aren’t even old enough for preschool yet. Pediatric dentists are recommending that you not give your children a bottle of juice to eat while in bed. However….

In Europe, concern over childhood obesity led to a ban on sucrose in baby formula. Dozens of countries do not allow the kind of sugar we found in the two Similac brands.

We shared our results with Chicago pediatric dentist Kevin Boyd, who also has a Masters in nutrition and dietetics. Boyd said he has long been concerned about the sweetness of formula and the effect it has on babies.

Source: Why Doesn’t Baby Formula List Sugar Content? | NBC Chicago
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Baby formula contains about four teaspoons of sugar per serving. Some contain more, some contain less. Sugar on teeth is eaten by bacteria in the mouth, which creates an acidic environment for the teeth, dissolving the enamel. We all know this, we have all heard that eating candy causes cavities. This is true. The thing that young mothers don’t know is that baby formula is as sweet as candy. Most processed baby foods are going to have sugar in them, just like most processed food has added sugars.

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