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There are people who have varying degrees of discomfort when they eat bread, crackers, cookies, cakes–foods that also happen to bear gluten within them. Their symptoms, collected, have been dubbed “gluten intolerance” or “gluten sensitivity” because they are not celiac … Continue reading

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The Truth Will Out

There was no way to keep the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun a secret forever. There is no authority that is so permanent that it can forever retard the march of knowledge. Even though people have died … Continue reading

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Hitchhiker’s Guide

Originally posted on One Small Change at a Time:
Every plant growing in the field is absolutely filthy with bacteria. A study of coleslaw spoilage in the 70s came up with this… Cabbage, it’s principal ingredient, had a total bacterial…

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Spring Into Summer

As the season approaches where nature’s bounty buries us in food that is quick to spoil, please allow me to remind you that there is an option to ‘canning’ foods. Fermenting them is a better option, due to the fact … Continue reading

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