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Cooking Vacation

It never occurred to me that I could take a vacation and learn how to cook something. This morning in the Washington Post I read about a day camp for smokers–beef and pork smokers. Smoking meats was the second thing … Continue reading

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How It All Began

I love to cook. I love to cook things that lots of people don’t even realize that you can cook for yourself. I make my own salad dressings, like ranch and Russian. I make my own mayonnaise, yogurt, bacon, corned … Continue reading

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Enough, With the Doom and Gloom

And now, for a little light reading… The past few days have been very heavy information days. With the new government dietary advice coming out, and that advice not being one hundred percent in agreement with the advice that I … Continue reading

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A Supper For January, 1764 style

Reading a cook-book from 250 years ago is like jumping out of a time machine. You can’t really trust your mental dictionary, because every word may mean something else back then. Read the following recipes from an ebook I found … Continue reading

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