Day 3 and 4

I got behind a tad but, still enjoying this detox.. I have not craved anything sweet such as candy or ice-cream but I have been on a search for hot tea’s that have just tad taste of sweetness. Like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom,orange peel and maybe some mints. The problem is that they are plentiful but they all have stevia leaf in them and that is a NO NO for these 21 days. I did find a tasty little tea called Tiesta and the flavor is Nutty Almond Cream… herbal tea with apple pieces, crushed almonds cinnamon and beet root pieces… It did hit the spot but beet root is ??? for this diet. I am going to email the gal that wrote the book 21 day sugar detox and see what she says.

My yoga practices have been on fire not like energtic but on fire.. I can feel my muscles heating up and dumping all that crap into my system and coming out as sweat… dang it is intense !

This is how the brain works as soon as food hits your tongue

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