7 full days into detoxing my way out of the SUGAR addiction


7 full days into detoxing my way out of the SUGAR addiction

 It really only takes about 4 days to reduce the craving just like quitting smoking. It is the habit that you have to get past just like quitting smoking, and just like quitting smoking you find you have so much more time and energy. Your sense of smell and taste become ALIVE and you notice how much sugar there is in everything..

I had an ahah.. a couple of days ago about the connection to our actual daily emotional needs and the ties they have to food. I know what I am about to say is nothing new and many experts have talked about this.. But to me it was a deep understanding within my being that made a connection.

I was doing something the other day and it hit me like a ton of bricks.. Is the meaning of purposeful living  directly connected to the foods we eat? What I mean by that is that if we are celebrating and we are happy we eat foods that make us even happier…brightly decorated cakes and cookies, fun drinks with umbrellas or brightly colored fruits floating in our drinks full of beverages that can even take you to a sense of higher happiness. When we see these bright exciting items in front of us we think “ahhh finally I can relax” or a sense of extreme JOY washes over us by the site of a drink with a tiny umbrella..

So it hit me we are emotional slaves to these very real and special symbolic moments of our lives. How does just seeing something bright or smiles on faces drive us to gorging ourselves with mounds and mounds of sugar… Why can’t just being present at joyful events be enough? What is missing in our lives that we have a hard time resisting sugars… Does every pieces of candy or pop drive you to want more the next time? Did that lays commercial ”betcha can’t eat just one really saturate into your competitive nature and just by the mere words betcha can’t make you want to prove the world wrong and every time you failed you tried again, or  how many Licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Roll Pop? Did these ads ingrain an inner challenge for the rest of our lives? We have since the time of the invention of commercial media been driven to a false sense of HAPPINESS and that it actually takes something we do not already attain in ourselves to MAKE us HAPPY.

This is my new found awareness in 7 full days of no sugar …. I have everything I need within the being of myself that can make me HAPPY all I had to do was remove theses faux facades so I can FEEL the real HAPPINESS that I contain. The alertness in my mind, the energy in my body, the evenness in my blood chemistry all of theses new felt feelings generate a sense of EMPOWERMENT. I am truly the commander of my VESSEL nothing is overriding my senses. I can finally BALANCE out with a new and acute sense of AWARENESS. I am in control of my hunger, my happiness, my decisions, and most importantly my TONGUE which is directly related to my STOMACH and my HEART within those organs I can be ME the person who I came here to BE!

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