Overeating – A Poem by Yogi Bhajan



My dear flexible beautiful children,

The future and hope of tomorrow.

You will have values,

You will have technology,

You will have victory over sorrows.

But one thing you have to learn today,

And you have to listen really good!

You have one enemy which is the greatest maya

In the habitat of these tranquil woods—

It is eating more and being overweight.

It is the test of the tongue.

It is death’s bait.

Simple mung beans cooked and done well

Are the messengers of health.

And they are really swell.

But all this cheese and heavy food

Makes you ugly and habitually rude.

All those candies and chocolates make you insane.

I am telling you to clean your slate.

Be conscious of what you put on your plate.

You’ve got to live and you’ve got to be strong.

Overeating is ugly, so break its bond.

My arteries clogged.

My heart nearly stopped.

But intuition in time made death drop.

I eat my mung beans and my cornbread.

I feel very good and very clear in my head.

Never go over your gluco-weight.

One ounce extra is death’s bait.

Listen to me dear ones, and listen to me well,

Simple cornbread and mung beans are swell.

Steamed vegetables and all the fruits,

Good fresh nuts and some good roots.

There are some herbs which can curb,

And nail the message of death

And put it to an end.

Eating less and feeling light will make you bright.

And it’s a beautiful trend.

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