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According to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Consumer Health, a runner who weighs 130 lb. will burn 2,224 calories during a marathon.

A marathon is 26 miles of running. If you eat a 400 calorie quarter-pounder and a 400 calorie large Coke with the Super Size Fries, you are over half a marathon worth of calories. You would have to run 13 miles just to burn off that one meal.

If I put a pressure cooker on the stove and put the burner on low and prevented any of the steam from escaping, eventually the pressure cooker would explode, since I am putting energy in but allowing none to escape. If I let a little bit of pressure out, but turned the burner up to high the pot would still blow up, because the energy going in exceeds the energy going out, the water stores the excess energy in the form of pressurized steam. The explosion is all of that energy being released in an instant. There is nothing you could put in the water to keep this from happening. You can change the chemistry of the water and you can change the boiling point, but if the energy going in is greater than the energy leaving, the pot will explode.

People who tell you that you can keep eating more food than you can burn off in a day, and that you can do that for as long as you want without any problems if you will just take this pill or drink this liquid or change what the food is are lying to you. The math does not work. If you eat too many calories of any kind of food, too many for you to work off in a day, you will suffer the consequences. You can’t take a pill to ‘melt’ fat. That only happens one way, if you need the fat because you aren’t consuming as many calories as you are burning calories.

It is way easier to consume calories than it is to burn them. I have never run a marathon, but I have run two and a quarter miles for the Navy. It was hard. It consumed 200 calories. It is easier to lose weight by cutting out the burger, Coke and fries than it would be to try and run it off.

This article was the origin for the idea for this post.

PS This article is Short, for T_Rod

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