It’s Not You, Everyone Is Fat!

Don’t take this personal, you and your kids are getting fat. Don’t believe me? Here, read this New York Times Article:

Parents’ Denial Fuels Childhood Obesity Epidemic

Despite widespread publicity about the obesity epidemic, parents increasingly seem to be turning a blind eye as their children put on pounds. In a recent study in Childhood Obesity, more than three-quarters of parents of pre-school-age obese sons and nearly 70 percent of parents of obese daughters described their children as “about the right weight.”


I can see the actual situation in my mind’s eye, you are gaining weight, but you are getting older, you don’t exercise like you think you should, you are eating too much and you know it–so you expect it. Your kids are growing up and the older one is obviously heavy, but not really too much heavier than the other kids on the block, and your youngest is still a stick-figure, so…no need to change anything just yet.

The thing is, by eating the same foods everyone else in your neighborhood is eating, you are slowly poisoning yourself, and consigning your kids, even the little skinny one, to a life of fighting overweight and obesity. In addition, you are wrong about why you are gaining weight.

No one in your family is eating too much. Counting calories is a waste of time. You are eating too much of foods that you shouldn’t be eating at all. You shouldn’t be eating processed foods. You shouldn’t be eating cooking oils or margarine. You shouldn’t be eating ‘low-fat’ anything. You shouldn’t be drinking sweetened drinks including fruit juices and diet soft drinks. It goes without saying that your kids shouldn’t be either.

You don’t need more exercise. Exercising has nothing to do with losing weight. It’s not possible to ‘burn off’ calories, because increased activity does make your metabolism go up, but that increase calls for more fuel, which means more hunger. You are working up your appetite. Exercising will make you feel like you have earned a second piece of dessert, and you will eat it. Exercise is great for a lot of reasons, but if you are changing your diet, you shouldn’t change your workload at the same time. Don’t think that something that won’t work for you will work for your kids. They don’t need more exercise, either, they need to eat right. Stick to the foods found on the outside walls of your local grocery. Fresh vegetables (low carb ones). Stay away from potatoes and dried rice. Stay out of the inner aisles of the store. Don’t buy boxed or bagged manufactured foods, no matter what the health claim on the label says. NO breakfast cereal is ‘healthy’, including oatmeal.

Your weight gain has very little to do with your age. Older people don’t have to gain weight. It does point out a fact that I need to reemphasize though. When you tell a twenty-something that they won’t always be able to eat like they currently do without gaining weight, you are acknowledging that gaining weight has NOTHING TO DO WITH CALORIES. If you eat ‘too much’ when you are twenty and don’t get visibly fat, and eat the same thing when you are thirty and you do, it is obvious that it’s not a simple calorie eaten versus calorie burned equation. Something else is causing you to slowly put on pounds. It’s not age. It’s not activity. It’s what’s in the food, what effect it has on the germs in your guts, and it is damage that slowly accumulates–for you.

It’s different for your children. They never lived in a time when it was ‘safe’ to eat butter, so they always got margarine. They have always been fed the ‘healthy’ processed cereals for breakfast. You have always picked the ‘low-fat’ food to feed them. They never really got to live on the foods you got when you were a kid. For some reason, though, they are way heavier than you were at that age…hmmm.

The solution to your kids’ diet is the same as the solution for your own. If you would eat right, and feed them right, you would all get better at the same time. We all would. The entire society would get better if we quit eating artificial fats, artificial foods, artificially sweet drinks. Go back to eating foods your great grandma made and you will heal your family without drugs or exercise. Eat fermented foods, eat fresh foods. Eat foods that are alive and contain ‘probiotics’ in their natural form.

What if you are overweight, but you don’t think your kids are, consider this passage:

“Denial can be a coping mechanism,” said Arnaldo Perez, a doctoral candidate at the University of Alberta who researches what motivates families to seek help for their overweight children. Before judging them outright, providers should explore parents’ possible feelings of guilt and failure, he said.

If you are overweight and your kids eat with you, I am telling you, they are being harmed, too. Even if the symptoms are not yet visible. What I am saying is, its not your fault. The fault lies in what is in the boxes of food you are preparing. They are not made to be healthful, they are made to taste great, be inexpensive, and last forever on the shelf. Their purpose is to attract your dollars to the coffers of their makers. There are no foods in boxes or bags whose primary purpose is to promote your health. Heathy foods do not have ingredient labels at all. If they did they would be single words like “meat”, “eggs” or “bacon”. The true health foods don’t have labels that scream some health feature like ‘gluten free’.

Stop believing lying food labels. Don’t fall for the ‘it’s your fault, you are lazy’ line of logic for why two out of three people eating IN AMERICA is overweight…two out of three people are not irresponsible and lazy. Two out of three people in America are overweight and either on a diet or just tried one, and they are still gaining weight, because it has nothing to do with calories. It’s what you are eating that matters, not how much of it. At least save your kids.

About dcarmack

I am an instrument technician at the electric utility servicing the Kansas City Missouri metropolitan area. I am in the IBEW, Local 412. I was trained to be a nuclear power plant operator in the USN and served on submarines. I am a Democrat, even more so than those serving in Congress or the White House.
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11 Responses to It’s Not You, Everyone Is Fat!

  1. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Like I say, unless you have a doctor’s excuse…you have no excuse. The food you eat is slowly killing you!

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  2. saymber says:

    Reblogged this on As I see it and commented:
    There are many truths in this post and one not mentioned, that I’ve come to truly believe is weight gain is not just about food. I believe it’s about our bodies literally having to expand to contain all the emotional and spiritual toxins we ingest day after day in our world. I think we eat and drink foods that expand us because we are not consciously aware of the root cause of our desire to eat the crap in the first place. We need to get healthy “inside” on an emotional, physical and spiritual basis FIRST and our bodies will then be able to come into alignment with our “trimmer” , healthier, more balanced selves. Remember the very word disease when broken down is dis-ease – not being at ease. Start within and THEN look outwards for weight solutions is my firm opinion these days – this is from my own personal experience and what I’ve witnessed in other obese persons who lost weight after relieving emotional/spiritual weight first.


  3. saymber says:

    Reblogged this one – added the bit I’ve shared with you regarding my firm belief, from my own experience and from witnessing others – weight gain and obesity is at it’s core an emotional and spiritual disease. We need to start inside – figure out why we want to eat crap, be sedentary, feel depressed before we seek external weight loss solutions. This is the only way to get the weight off and keep it off in my experience and opinion. This is why diets do not work for a sustained period of time. Obesity is the manifestation of our physical bodies actually having to expand to contain the “weight” of emotional and spiritual dis-ease.

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    • dcarmack says:

      I agree that there is an emotional component to eating. All of the brain activity of the illicit drug addict is also activated for sugar users. The worst thing in the U.S. Is all of the sugar that is being snuck into processed foods. You can’t quit sugar without quitting processed foods. I’ve written about this fact multiple times. Thanks for your thoughts!

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      • saymber says:

        You are so right about kicking processed food to kick sugar addiction. If they would even just go back to natural sugar and not then overcompensate with salt for taste it would be better than to keep on with the high fructose and regular corn syrup – two major culprits in what’s going on with processed foods too! Great topic!


  4. I can’t tolerate sugar anymore, makes me very sick. And so as a result, I’ve become aware of just how much of what we eat has sugar in it. Soup, canned vegetables, … if you eat any packaged food, you are probably eating sugar. If you add up the sugar you eat in a day, you would be horrified. I don’t agree when they say eating healthy costs more – packaged food is expensive! Oatmeal cooked with fruit is a far healthier and cheaper breakfast than any boxed cereal.


  5. Enigma says:

    Fast food, slow food, poison food..

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  6. joeythebuddhist says:

    Hmm interesting stuff


  7. I’ve put a lot of study into obesity and in my view it’s mostly due to poor education, especially poor food education, It’s a fact that most obese people belong to working class families or poor people that have little education, while the rich that are more educated are rarely fat. Oddly enough centuries ago it was the rich that were obese and the poor healthy and fit.

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