Fat Stigma

If your children are overweight they are likely to be bullied at school because of it. Apparently, as reported in the New York Times on July 7, a first-ever cross nation study has been conducted and it found that kids who are fat are bullied because of it. What is the world coming to.

The article goes on to elaborate. Because it is still legal to discriminate against fat people based on their weight, the study authors presume that it leads to an atmosphere where children feel like it is ok to treat the obese badly. For my whole life kids that are overweight have been picked on. This is not news, or new. Kids don’t become fat because they are choosing to overeat, or because they are lazy.

This push to make discrimination based on weight illegal is part of a pattern that I am seeing across the nation these days. There is an effort afoot to make being fat and/or obese acceptable, because so many of us are fat/obese. Two out of three people in the US are now overweight. One out of three people are obese.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not calling out the people who are overweight. I am not blaming them for their condition. I am not blaming the victim. People in the US are victims, but they are victims of very bad advice.

As obesity rates have risen, she said, so much emphasis has been placed on taking personal responsibility for body weight and changing behaviors “that there is a perception that these youth are somehow to blame for their weight and in some way deserve this treatment.”

Somehow the youth are responsible for their condition. There it is, in a nutshell. There are 17% of kids in GRADE SCHOOL that are obese. That fact alone proves that the problem is not one of willpower. Kids don’t choose their own food, we feed them ‘healthy’ foods. Kids eat candy-like food in the morning, be it cereal, yogurt, chocolate milk–every one of them with a health claim on the label. Kids eat cake covered food at lunch be it chicken nuggets or school lunch pizza–healthy foods selected for them by their school system. Kids eat bread encased meat and processed food potatoes washed down with a big glass of syrup for dinner. They don’t choose any of this, and they are getting fat just like their parents are.

Eating low-fat doesn’t help either. The advice to eat less fat equals eat more sugar. There are only three kinds of food–fat, protein and carbohydrate. If you cut the fat down then mathematically one or both of the other two must increase, the total must be 100%. We have been told for generations to eat more carbohydrates, and it is killing us.

Now we are being told to quit putting a stigma on the obese among us. I say “AMEN”  to that advice. The obese don’t need shame, they need excellent advice. The advice to eat less fat has been horrible advice, leading to an entire industry that is shelling out dietary poison with huge font health claims on every label.

Read this paragraph from the Times:

While some health experts acknowledge that individual genetic and metabolic differences mean that some people are more prone to gaining weight than others, the most widely disseminated public health message is that anyone can achieve a desirable weight by eating less and exercising regularly.

Some experts acknowledge that genetic differences might be responsible for some people gaining more weight than others. LOL. Two out of three people are overweight. Our genetics have not changed. What did? The advice that these health ‘experts’ dole out is what has changed. The most widely disseminated advice is that anyone can achieve a desirable weight by eating less and exercising regularly. Have you ever heard that advice before? It is the ONLY advice they give out. It is where we get the idea that the fat are that way because they lack the willpower to be thin. Fat people choose to not lose weight, according to health experts. Even fat grade schoolers are just hard-headed overeaters.

What they don’t tell you, what is now known, is that you are not getting fat because of how much you eat, or how much you don’t work out. You are getting fat because of WHAT you eat. Eating fructose, which is the sugar in fruit and fruit juice, and is 50% of the sweetener in table sugar, can only be metabolized by your liver and turned immediately into fat. That fat cannot be converted into energy by your body if there is insulin in your blood. There will be insulin in your blood as long as your blood sugar is elevated and your blood sugar will be elevated if you ate carbohydrates. You slowly gain weight because you eat carbohydrates. Telling you to not eat fats is making you fat. Your low fat yogurt is making you fat. It’s not your fault, you are just believing their advice.

We don’t need new laws. We don’t need stronger laws. We don’t need taxes on sugar, it’s only one kind of carbohydrate. We need to quit eating processed foods. Eight out of ten of them on store shelves have hidden sugar and carbohydrates as the main ingredient. We need to start eating real meats, real vegetables, whole milk and eggs. You can’t eat too much of foods like those…you get full before you can overeat.

It’s not normal to be fat, even if we all are. Fat comes at a very steep price. We can’t ask everyone to accept as normal something that we all know is unhealthy. If we all smoked it would be a very bad idea for the tobacco industry to try and get us all to just get over the fact that it causes emphysema and lung cancer. The stigma against tobacco was well deserved and got the desired results. But people that smoked were going against the grain, they all wanted to quit. They got our support to quit.

For fat people right now, they are not getting our support to quit doing what it is that is making them fat. They are still getting the same old bad advice, “Eat less and exercise more”. It hasn’t ever worked, and it won’t because it is bad advice. Advising me to just accept the fact that its beyond their ability to lose weight in grade school, to just accept that kids these days are obese is insane advise. Bad Job New York Times.

About dcarmack

I am an instrument technician at the electric utility servicing the Kansas City Missouri metropolitan area. I am in the IBEW, Local 412. I was trained to be a nuclear power plant operator in the USN and served on submarines. I am a Democrat, even more so than those serving in Congress or the White House.
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