Every Day Is A New Day


This is Clare Walker, a homemaker in England, and for the last six months, today is her anniversary, she has been leading a Ketogenic Life. She has unveiled, gradually, the beautiful woman from within her cocoon of slowly gathered insulation. At this point you might be wondering “what is a ketogenic life?”

I am glad you asked. Ketosis is a natural phenomenon that takes place about an hour after every meal. It takes place, that is, unless there is still free insulin floating around in the blood stream. The first picture in the collage is of a woman whose blood had insulin in it twenty four hours a day. After there is enough fat on your body the fat itself causes insulin production. To turn that around a person needs to eat zero carbs for from three days to a week.

You see, insulin is only produced in a normal health body if the person eats carbohydrates. No carbs, no insulin. Without insulin and blood sugar the body instead takes the triglyceride molecules locked up in fat cells and breaks each one into fatty acids, which are loaded onto good cholesterol particles and carried to your muscle and organ cells, where they are used for energy instead of blood sugar. As your body consumes energy every second you live, it then also obtains that energy from your fat stores.

The ketogenic diet promotes you to utilize stored energy when you are not eating, and it prevents any fats from being stored when you ARE eating.

Step 1: Stop buying any food that contains carbs. If you can’t give away or throw away the carbs in your house then eat them but don’t replace them. I ate mine.

Step 2: Do not drink anything but clear liquids, no alcohol, nothing sweetened in any way.

Step 3: You will be getting your energy by eating fats, so know which fats are good. There is only one good liquid fat, and that is olive oil. No man made fats are good so eat real natural ones, butter, lard, tallow, suet, coconut oil. Buy meats that have fat on them. Eat the fat from chicken and fish. If you are used to trimming fat I hate to tell you but that was both a waste of your time, counterproductive, and removed all of the flavor.

Step 4: Learn to cook and start cooking your food. No restaurant cares if you eat carbs or if the food they buy is properly raised. They are in business to make money not look after your health.

Step 5: Either eat breakfast that is meat and eggs only (no juice, no bread, no cereal) or just drink coffee with real cream or real butter to lighten it. The butter (one or two tablespoons per cup) will provide you with the energy and satisfaction to take you all the way to lunch without hunger. Living without hunger is not only the strength of this way of eating, it makes doing it FOREVER possible. That is why I refer to it as a Way of Eating (WOE) not a diet.

Step 6: Eat a lunch that does not contain any carbs, drink another coffee with cream or butter.

Step 7: Eat a dinner that is from this list of ketogenic foods…

Sausage (at least 15% fat), you don’t want “low-fat” anything
Cheese — natural cheeses
Eggs, free range if you can
Beef Steak
Liver, Liver pate, sauerbraten
Chicken (with skin and fat)
Game – any kink if you are lucky enough to get it

Fish, the wilder the better
Crustaceans, Oysters, Mussels etc
Sliced meats
Butter–like Kerrygold, from grass fed cows, but make it REAL butter
Coconut oil
Coconut milk
Heavy Cream
85%+ Dark Chocolate–here is your one snack
Kosher or Himalayan pink salt
Nuts and berries, in moderation (after the first week, not before)Green, leafy vegetables and Cauliflower are not necessary, but will not detract from your goals, they are here because lots of people think you can only get vegetable nutrients from vegetables…

Spices are excellent condiments, and every single one is ok
Full fat milk is optional because it contains Lactose. This must be included in your carbohydrate allowance.
Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumber, but count the carbohydrate content and don’t eat the first week!
Mushrooms are fine

You can make a lot of really great food using these notes. All you will be missing is the starch you are used to. Your plate might look pretty empty. Its not. The fats you will be eating will fill you up fast.

Step 8: Go back to step one and do it again, day after day.

I have been advocating this for an entire year, no–more than a year. Once you have a handle on it it’s not hard to do. You just don’t eat store bought bread, crackers, potatoes, rice, pasta. You don’t eat them. You only have dessert once in a while on a special, INTENTIONAL occasion.

Congratulations, Clare, and all the Keto-ers in England and elsewhere. If you feel like it, please comment below if you are currently living this life, this new life of not counting calories, not worrying about fat content in foods, not having to hate your bathroom scale. We all want to know your story, we all want to know that we can do it too.

About dcarmack

I am an instrument technician at the electric utility servicing the Kansas City Missouri metropolitan area. I am in the IBEW, Local 412. I was trained to be a nuclear power plant operator in the USN and served on submarines. I am a Democrat, even more so than those serving in Congress or the White House.
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