And Now For Something Different

Did you really think that a thing like Dallas would never happen? The police have been stopping people on the highway and stealing money they have in the car, making them beg the government for it back, dragging people out of their cars and beating them black and blue, shooting running people in the back, killing pets as they walk through the dog’s back yard, or killing sleeping people as they break the bedroom door down in the middle of the night, burning babies up in their cribs with flash grenades–you know, keeping us safe…at the same time, the government is granting us all permission to buy and hide guns all over the place, to protect us from the government. Well, people are going to start fighting back and the fight is not going to be smart or pretty. It isn’t going to make any sense to anyone but the murderer, nobody is going to appreciate the effort. The Dallas killer is an animal. Crazy. Evil. Yes. But the Dallas killer is a symptom, not a disease.

We cannot control the Dallas killers to come. We cannot prevent them from getting weapons. We cannot prevent them from getting ammo. We can prevent us from fueling their rage. The difference between the police and the killers is the rules. The police must follow them. Only by changing the rules to make one side act humanely will we encourage the other side to return to humanity. Even if something like Dallas happens every weekend for the rest of the year, the situation will only diffuse because the police once again begin making their brutality against the rules. A policeman must be a neutral conductor of the written law of the land. A policeman must cease being the writer of law (scaring me is illegal), passer of the sentence (you are guilty of scaring me), hander down of the sentence (you will die for scaring me) and executioner (5 bullets to the chest so you will never scare anyone again) for a initiating offense that was not illegal (carrying a gun I have permission to carry, for instance).

Watch the movie “Unforgiven” by Clint Eastwood.


Do not watch it without thinking about the police officers in the movie. “Little Bill’ the sheriff played by Gene Hackman is called upon to determine crime, criminal identity, sentence, and execute the sentence all in a moment’s time. He disarms English Bob, who protests that taking his last gun will leave him at the mercy of his enemies. Little Bill beats Bob half to death and jails him, to prevent a crime. Little Bill beats the cowboys that commit the prostitute mutilation and fines them horses, to be given to the owner of the brothel. No judge, no jury, no appeals, no victims rights. Little Bill beats Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman) to death, but Ned committed no crime. He handed the gun to Will Muny to commit the crime, but Ned was killed by the police during an investigation of a few hours. When Will Muny shows up in town to get revenge on the police who among you defended Little Bill in your minds? Who among you thought that it was wrong for Will Muny to kill Little Bill and all of his innocent deputies in that saloon? What is the difference between where we find ourselves today, 130 years later, and the 1870 western town of the fictional “Unforgiven” world? Please tell me how the police all over the country are not 100,000 Little Bills, breeding 1000 more Will Munys every new year we live under a government that allows one branch to pass and execute laws and determine guilt all in the blink of an eye!

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No It Isn’t

According to the Washington Post, and some ‘scientific’ studies that they link to meat is a major cause of global warming..

Meat is Horrible

Depends on who you ask…their main bitch is that our eating meat is causing a problem with greenhouse gasses.

By 2050, scientists forecast that emissions from agriculture alone will account for how much carbon dioxide the world can use to avoid catastrophic global warming. It already accounts for one-third of emissions today — and half of that comes from livestock.

If you click the links in their articles they do not take you to the sources of the information. They take you to other articles that link to other articles. I may take the time to get into all of that, but I doubt it.

Greenhouse gases come from feeding animals cereal grains instead of letting them eat grass. Before the white man came to North America the plains were covered in livestock on the hoof–the buffalo. Before civilization the planet was covered with animals and the world was in no danger of overheating, because it had not in the past.

Feeding meat animals cereals wouldn’t be a problem either except that ruminants are not supposed to subsist on cereals, but on grasses. Feeding them cereals gives them stomach upset and they end up with gasses produced in their rumen that are not natural to them or to the world. The only reason to feed them cereals is that its cheaper to do so. Feeding them grasses on their pastures of their birth would be carbon neutral. The process is to blame, not the animals, or the animal eaters.

This is all evident in the documentation if you want to dig down far enough to find the studies that the first level articles refer to. I have done it before, I may have even written about it in this blog

People are getting sick from eating foods based on cereals, just like the cattle are. Our first concern should be to heal ourselves by eating mostly meat and fatty meat at that.  Our next, and less pressing concern should be to give the animals their natural forage in a natural environment, even if it costs more time and/or money to do so. Feeding them hormones, antibiotics, and cereal grains may make the meat cheaper to produce and more profitable, but it is giving the planet a fever, and giving us diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

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Nothing Further From the Truth…

We lead with a quote…

Gluttony, after all, is the sin that you can see. Therefore, to be fat is a sin because many believe to be fat is to be a living, breathing testament to overindulgence or lack of self-restraint. To be fat is to be a bad witness for Christ — or so I’ve heard some pastors preach. How can God redeem and save my life if he’s not even able to help me maintain a healthy weight? Somehow, my body is sizable enough to undermine the power of the Gospel.

It is true that gluttony may be a sin. It is very far from true that being fat is evidence of gluttony. Earlier in this same piece this poor Christian woman lets us know that she has been on a diet on and off since her eighth birthday. Eight years old is probably about the time a young lady first realizes that she is in constant competition with the other girls in appearances. Going an entire lifetime trying to follow the advice of dietitians, doctors, even the national government to lose weight by eating less than you work has led to a lifetime of self-abuse and self-ridicule to tens of millions of women in the US.

The entire ‘blame the victim’ logic of “if you are fat, its because you don’t hate being fat” has led to multiple generations of women that feel as though it is their fault, when the fault actually lies in the advice they are being given. Listen to this anguished cry for help…

…unrealistic body expectations are just one way that we diminish and derail the value of women in the church. My weight does not determine my worth. Only by ignoring the shame and embarrassment I feel in writing a post like this can we begin a healthy discussion, acknowledging the detrimental effects of our preoccupation with physical beauty.

No fat person is fat because they eat too much, it is because they eat foods that make people fat. These days two out of three of us are overweight. If we are all gluttons then we need to modify the definition of glutton. We are not gluttons. What we are is misguided and offered a predominance of foods that are sure to make us gain weight and keep it on.

This blog is full of advice for this woman, her church-sisters, and all of the overweight men out there, too. The prescription of “work more, eat less” that has been given out by every voice of authority has failed often enough that it deserves to be retired. In it’s place the advice should be “eat real food, eat no carbs.” If we would eat real food we would stop eating all of the sugar hidden in processed foods. If we would eat no carbs we would stop putting fat into storage, and our bodies would begin using the fats stored up by the years of damage done eating carbs for decades. Most people when they hear “eat healthy” they don’t think that the bread on the sandwich is more fattening than the meat in it. They don’t think that the orange juice at breakfast is more fattening than the bacon. Eating fats does not make one fat, eating sweets does. If it tastes sweet it is fattening.

So as I’m covertly hiding the Snickers in my cart and contritely loading up my diet shakes, I take peace in remembering that God sees the heart. God cares so much more about my prayer life than my calorie intake. He expects me to love my neighbors, of all shapes and sizes, and He welcomes me at the foot of the cross where there’s enough room for all, even those of us with sizable hips.

The first thing your God expects is that you love yourself. Don’t believe it when they tell you your weight is there because of your sin. This may be the first time you have ever heard how to really shed fat that does not serve you. You may still not believe me when I tell you that it’s not your fault. Do believe me when I tell you that you should not feel shame, the advice of your doctor and your government has been wrong for most of your life. They are getting it right, finally, and you should too.

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When Dirt Wasn’t Dirty

Sometime about 20 years ago, it seems, dirt became dirty. When I was a young boy the thing about dirt that concerned my mom was that it was a different color than my clothes. It never crossed her mind that getting dirt on my hands or in my mouth was bad for me, but it bothered her that my clothes would get dirty. Back in the 60s it was no big deal if you got dirt in you mouth. Remember the mud pie? If you have never tasted a mud pie it might be because you grew up too recently.

It is true that soil, nothing more than dried mud, is completely full of bacteria. There is also yeast, fungus and other single cell creatures. The composition of soil closely resembles the biological composition of your digestive tract. The duties of the bugs in you are practically identical to the duties of the bugs in the soil. Their main goal is to survive and pass their good genes on to their offspring. To facilitate that they need access to energy from the sun. Since soil life takes place beneath the planet’s surface this energy must be delivered to them by conduits to the surface, roots.

The life within you, likewise, counts on you to deliver energy from the sun via your own conduits to the surface. The bacteria inside you got there by you eating it. Mud Pies. The bacteria in you was living on a surface that it had colonized, let’s say a head of cabbage. That bacteria can live on that surface, or it can live inside of you. If it is inside of you then it can break down parts of the cabbage that your own digestive machinery cannot. Bacteria in the soil can produce things that plants cannot, plants can’t live without soil bacteria, you cannot live without digestive bacteria.

It is possible to be too clean. It is possible to be too sanitary. Eating lifeless foods add nothing to the army of beneficial bacteria within us. The chemicals in these foods, the dead processed foods that populate our pantries, not only kill the bacteria that would ‘spoil’ our foods on the shelf, but they also do so inside of us. While they are not poisonous in the short term food preservatives would tend to damage the bacteria that might be able to help us properly digest these foods.

In the not too distant past no foods had preservatives in them. The first preservative used was salt. Salt preserves by drying foods, which keeps bacteria from consuming them. Mold can still grow on salted foods, but it is controlled by cutting it away. Mold on cheeses is a good example. I, myself, have thrown away may pounds of cheese because of mold on the surface, when the block is full of perfectly good cheese beneath this.

Back before refrigeration and chemical preservation people just ate foods that still contained the bacteria eating them too. Meats were ‘gamey’ and more flavorful after hanging a few days. The natural processes we were competing with did not make foods inedible. They still do not. The smell on your pork that has been thawed in the refrigerator does not mean that it will sicken you. It means that the bacteria that also eat meats has eaten enough to create an odor. Is that a bad thing? Cooking kills bacteria. Thoroughly cooking that pork (smoking to 190, for instance) will render that bacteria harmless. The flavor of it will remain. Whatever it produced in its digestive process will also remain. A toxin from Botulinum bacteria will poison you, but there are not many others that do so.

The World Health Organization describes it this way:


Human botulism is a serious, potentially fatal disease. However, it is relatively rare. It is an intoxication usually caused by ingestion of potent neurotoxins in contaminated foods. Person to person transmission of botulism does not occur.

Clostridium botulinum produces spores that are heat-resistant and exist widely in the environment, and in the absence of oxygen they germinate, grow and then excrete toxins. There are seven distinct forms of botulinum toxin, types A–G. Four of these (types A, B, E and rarely F) cause human botulism. Types C, D and E cause illness in other mammals, birds and fish.

Botulinum toxins are ingested through improperly processed food in which the bacteria or the spores survive and produce the toxins. Though mainly a foodborne intoxication, botulism can also be caused by intestinal infection in infants, wound infections, and by inhalation.

So botulism can only produce toxins in the absence of oxygen. Food poisoning can occur, I have been poisoned by foods that I waited too long to eat. Cooked foods have been stripped of their natural bacteria. A host of natural bacteria are in competition with harmful bacteria until we cook the food. After food is cooked it is a blank canvas for bacteria. AT that point we must be vigilant. Our vigilance need not start at the soil, however. Eating mud pies would not make your kids sick. Eating natural foods should not make you sick. Eating raw foods adds to your natural defenses.

Fermented foods are the next best thing to raw. Fermented foods have been coaxed into producing a colony of bacteria that consume foods we like. Eating fermented foods, like KimChi or sauerkraut raw means that you are filling your intestines with allies in the fight against toxic bacteria. Knowing how to make your own ferments means that you can always have a pantry full of food that is more than food, but the medicine that nature intended you to eat all of the time. Its as close to eating soil as you can get in this day and age.

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Tuesday Out Of Town

Sunday night I did great. Ossobucco is a braised pork shank. The sauce tasted sweet but not too as. Yesterday morning I could have easily eaten no carbs, but I had corned beef hash that contained potatoes. I told myself I’d do better Tuesday

Dinner was provided by a vendor who took us out for seafood. I drank water and had breaded shrimp. I got a bit of a hammering heart after dinner but that may have been from eating too much. Slept pretty darn good which is another indication of having eaten properly.

This morning I broke my promise to not have corned beef hash again. My rationalization was that I needed another receipt for breakfast just like the first one (which I forgot to get) that I needed for my Expense report. Thats how my mind works. I wanted corned beef hash again. I needed a receipt I didn’t have. What to do? Have hash again, of course. 

They are taking lunch orders now, wish me luck. 

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Things americans find normal that amazed me – U.S.A.

Well there is nothing like a new pair of eyes to show where you are going wrong. Read this with an eye to the bits about food. Thank you Melissa for sharing an interesting viewpoint.

The world is my museum

Skyscrapers, warehouses, ads everywhere, huge portion sizes.. The United States are like a whole other world in some aspects. Here are some things that really amazed me when I visited the United States in 2011 and in 2013 .

1Huge skyscrapers
I had seen lots of pictures of the incredibly high skyscrapers of New York, but I was still amazed when I arrived there. In the Netherlands we have maybe three skyscrapers in the centre of The Hague and a few in Rotterdam, but over here, almost every building is a skyscraper! If you’re used to Amsterdam like me, with the small canal houses, you will also be amazed by these tall constructions.

Okay, we do have Starbucks now in the big cities in the Netherlands, but when I first visited the United States in 2011, Starbucks was something very rare for me. And I heard americans talk about…

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Business Trips

Today I leave for a two week trip to Chicagoland for work. We will see if I can eat responsibly during the trip. I weighed myself today, 143. I will weigh in again on the day I get back in almost two weeks. In my dictionary responsible eating means not eating processed foods. It means not eating bread products, sweets, drinking candy or liquor.

It should not be that hard to accomplish, but usually when I go on a trip I try and eat decadently because eating steak every night is a possibility. If I do that but stay away from the potato, the pasta, the tortilla chip then I could conceivably do this.

I will share my experience daily, as a way to keep myself more or less honest, but I will be very frank with you, dear reader. Stand by….


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