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Change Advocate

This weekend I had a chance to visit with several women that I haven’t seen in about a year, and during the course of the day diet came up. I don’t remember how it came up, but I felt that, … Continue reading

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Even the Pope Must Confess

To backslide is human, to forgive yourself is the only way to move forward. Even his holiness the Pope has sins that he must ask for forgiveness for. This weekend was one of ‘those’ weekends. The birthday celebration was for … Continue reading

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Habit, Addiction, What’s the Diff?

I happen to think that breaking a sugar habit is best done one small step at time. Breaking this habit is just exactly the same as breaking any other habit, down to the smallest detail. I found an article in … Continue reading

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New Habits and Tastes are Forming

We went to the cinema last night and confronted an old habit. Generally, when you go to see a movie, right after you have your ticket you step up to the concession stand for a snack purchase. Yesterday we looked … Continue reading

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