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Food, Inc. Movie Trailer

Food, Inc. Movie Trailer I watched this movie after reading Michael Pollan’s book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma“.  This movie shows a couple of great things about the US food manufacturing system, where money is far more important than the health effects … Continue reading

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Forks Over Knives Movie

Forks Over Knives Movie This movie, while it seems at times to be pitching a diet, is really instead pitching a lifestyle change.  These days it seems that what is going on the body is probably a change in gut … Continue reading

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Last meal of the 21 day sugar detox had zero sugar calories. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it was a 1200 calorie meal, all by itself. We went to Rancho Grande Cantina for dinner and I … Continue reading

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By Special Request

For my sister, who requested dietary links that all of us could really use, here are a few instructions in my own words with links to people who video tape themselves doing even the easiest things on youtube….

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Crisis, Epidemic, Catastrophe–Another reason to do-it-yourself

Interesting Op-Ed in today’s New York Times contains a great deal of hand-wringing about high blood pressure and high sodium loads in foods packaged and prepared in today’s United States. Side by side with the mountain of sugar they are … Continue reading

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Spreading the Good News

Easter Dinner was a great chance to prove the feasibility of holiday meals without any added sugar or starch.  This weekend, the last weekend of our sugar-free detox, was perfectly normal compared to the last two weekends without it.  Except … Continue reading

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Finally not Hungry

Half of a great steak and half of a large wedge salad at Anton’s Taproom was enough to finally dull the edge of the constant hunger I have been feeling. After work yesterday, I came home to a sliced apple, … Continue reading

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What if we realized that food security is homeland security?

Originally posted on Breastfeeding Medicine:
I’m waiting for my flight home from the 1,000 Days U.S. Leadership Roundtable, a spectacular meeting that was held today at the Gates Foundation in Washington, DC. Stakeholders in nutrition and maternal-child health gathered to…

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New Stuff

There has been a change to the Poll options, check that out.  Added the Poll to a Menu Item, so that it is always accessible at the top of the Site. I have added a new Menu Item that allows … Continue reading

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Dietary Deficit

Yesterday I ate meals just like those that I have eaten for the past 18 days.  Two egg and meat breakfast with coffee and cream, leftover lunch that left me slightly hungry, normal portion of nightly dinner.  I have pretty much … Continue reading

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