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No Christmas post yesterday, so gonna make up for it by not missing a day for the rest of the week. I hope you had a great holiday, with family if you wanted, or by yourself, if that’s the kind … Continue reading

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Tough Row To Hoe

These next two weeks are probably the toughest two weeks of the year to not eat any sugar or processed foods. If you are just starting your sugar detox then I feel your pain. If you are like me and … Continue reading

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Rare Sunday

It’s the rare Sunday that I get to post. This Sunday I am not working, and this morning I am having the pleasure of converting videos from last night’s big Holiday Open House that we hosted. We had music, and … Continue reading

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Spreading the Good News

Easter Dinner was a great chance to prove the feasibility of holiday meals without any added sugar or starch.  This weekend, the last weekend of our sugar-free detox, was perfectly normal compared to the last two weekends without it.  Except … Continue reading

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Diet on a Holiday

There are a lot of holidays that seem to have special meals associated with them. Easter is the one we are going to have this weekend, and it is a sugar-friendly day. Easter candy and Easter dinner are both areas of concern … Continue reading

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