Great Problem to Have

I would like to tell you about a problem I’m having that is an symptom of a blessing I am enjoying…I have to get smaller pants. By eating a diet of predominately meat and fat I am slowly losing weight, while not starving myself. By not eating carbohydrates, and especially not eating refined carbohydrates, I am gradually shedding more fat than I put on each day. I am not eating tasteless foods, and I am not eating less food than I want to at a meal. I eat as much as I want to eat, but I just don’t want to eat that much food. Eating protein and fat leads you to satiety more quickly, and puts off hunger longer than an equal number of calories of carbohydrate.

I was never big, but I did get to the point where my size 32 work pants were feeling snug–but that was ages ago. I never had more than three pairs of pants that big. After my high-waist mark I quit drinking beer and went to sweetened tea. I lost a lot of weight at that time, because I was drinking nothing but rich, tasty beers–no lite beers for me. I was able to stay in my size 30 pants (though they were tight and my belt ran an oval below my belly) until now. I am thin enough now that I could drop down another waist size, and I expect that this is as low as I will go, since I was wearing a size 28 pants when I joined the Navy in 1978. I can’t believe that I could conceivably be into clothes that I wore in high school at my age.


They always lead you to believe that you will fatten as you age. I saw it with my own eyes in regards to my parents and most of the older men that I have always worked around. Guess what? You don’t have to fatten as you age. Your weight has zero to do with how old you are, it has to do with what you eat. By “what you eat” I don’t mean how much you eat, I mean what type food you eat. Fat comes from carbohydrates, and you don’t need to eat them to live, you only need to eat them to be like everyone else. Everyone else is fattening with age.

Your weight has zero to do with genetics. If you had fat parents or one of your parents was always large for their height, you don’t have to be. If you quit eating carbohydrate, totally at first and then bringing back the natural ones, you will lose fat. You will lose a lot of weight at first, and that will all be water. You might lose two gallons of water if your daily carb eating goes down significantly. If you are a snacker or sweet eater, if every meal includes a sandwich, you might drop sixteen pounds in the first two weeks, and it will all be water. You might crave carbs the way an addict craves heroin, but that will not last too long. Soon you will realize that you aren’t hungry, that you can ignore the addict call to sugar. Ignore it for a moment and it’s gone in a moment. It’s not hunger.

If you are on a semi-starvation diet what you feel is hunger, not a craving. Your biology is crying out for more blood sugar to replace the recently stored-in-fat blood sugar from the high-carb meal you just ate. You will be hungry the very first meal that does not include carbohydrate. If you eat enough protein and fat at that meal you need not feel hunger again. Your body will begin going to your stores of fat for your hourly energy needs. The slow process of digesting your lifelong storage of food will have begun.

It’s not fast. If you weigh yourself every day looking for changes, you will see your weight oscillate up and down. It may look like nothing is going on, but I guarantee you that the general trend will be down. After a month you will be down a couple of pounds at least. In the meantime you will not suffer. If you drink enough water you will not dehydrate yourself and suffer any of those symptoms.

If you must, you can eat green vegetables, the leafy ones. They will help your stool stay in the shape you expect, but if you drink enough water you will not become constipated. I did not and I ate nothing but meat for a month.

Try this with me. For breakfast, two eggs any way you like and three slices of bacon or two patties of sausage… Every day for a month eat this breakfast. It is essential that you eat this breakfast, because if you do not you will snack on the donut cart at work before lunch. At lunch eat a half pound of breakfast sausage or any other fatty meat you really enjoy eating. The fat is an important part of this lunch. You are getting the bulk of your energy and satisfaction from the fat in your food. If you try to ‘cut back’ and eat something like skinless chicken breast or low fat hamburger, etc, you will not be getting enough fat to go with the protein in your diet, and this can cause complications. Do not avoid fat, you need it for energy. At dinner eat a nice fat steak, or dinner sausage like bratwurst or kielbasa. Eat just meat for dinner. It tastes awesome, its quick to make, it will last you all the way to breakfast–hunger free.

About dcarmack

I am an instrument technician at the electric utility servicing the Kansas City Missouri metropolitan area. I am in the IBEW, Local 412. I was trained to be a nuclear power plant operator in the USN and served on submarines. I am a Democrat, even more so than those serving in Congress or the White House.
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