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Sugar Found to be Health Food, Studies Show!

Today I dredged up some four-year-old crap that CNN put out. Back in 2010 they reported that a “Nutrition Professor” from Kansas had eaten a reduced-calorie diet that was mostly snack and junk foods. According to him his blood chemistry … Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Weight

In my honest opinion, nobody that thinks that they weigh too much should be trying to lose weight. Sounds crazy, right? Well, if a person tries to lose ten pounds, or seven percent of their body weight or any other … Continue reading

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Hard Habit to Break

It’s a good thing that I am not on a diet, that I am not counting calories, that I don’t have to start my sugar-free day-counting over if I eat sugar. Since I am not counting days or ‘quitting’ anything, … Continue reading

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